How to use the system

Currencies are scanned front and back, and displayed along with the name of the currency and the country each represents. Countries are listed in alphabetical order. The link on each country will take you to the Central bank or its equivalent, or to the International Monetary Fund. Click here to go to one of the standard links where you can get the exchange rate.

Please note the following:

Some currencies in the collection have gone out of circulation, either because they are old, or the country has changed its currency or its name (e.g., Zaire) or does not exist (Weimar Republic)
By providing links to other sites, no warranty or affiliation is implied. Links are provided as an educational tool, with no endorsement or warranty of accuracy. Names of currencies: Many countries have named their currencies “dollar”, “franc”, peso”, or “rial” or “ryal”. They are the same in name only!