How to navigate

We have tried to make the website very accessible in terms of its navigation. The website has three areas from where you can navigate to different pages:

  1. Top Menu
  2. Right hand side Menu
  3. Site map

1. The top menu has the links to the main page, the page with currency listing, the page for searching currencies, contact page and finally the page about the owner of the site.

2. The Right hand side Menu includes some informative pages regarding using the system, the story of how the currency collection started, and ways to navigate the system. There is a resource page that provides links to useful financial websites. There are links to the Search page and the Contact page from this page as well as other pages.

3. The site map contains links to all the pages in the website. You can find the link to site map page at the upper right hand corner of any page. From the sitemap page you can navigate to any page in the website.

Finding information on currencies in the collection

You can reach the table listing all currencies either from the top menu or from the right-hand menu. Once you reach the page, you will find the countries and their corresponding currencies listed in alphabetical order.

To find out more about each country’s economy, click on the name of the country.
To view the currencies, click on the currency name.

To find a currency of a particular country, go to the search page on the top or the right-hand menu. On that page, you can search using the name of the currency or the country. You will get a list of possible results. Then click on the name of the currency to reach the currency page.

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